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Oct 11th, 2009

Promethean Editions? published composers continue to receive acclaim for their work.

Mike Nock, whose works feature in Firestarters 3, was inducted into the Australian Jazz Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Melbourne in 2009. Nock?s twenty-minute four-hand piano work, Southern Suite, was premiered in May by New Zealand pianists Michael Houstoun and Diedre Irons. In June, Nock?s Fictional Realities was performed by the Apollo Trio, and broadcast live by the Australian Broadcasting Corporations, and pianist Simon Tedeschi recorded two of Mike?s piano pieces for an upcoming ABC classics album.

Helen Fisher?s choral and flute work Pounamu, first performed in 1990, continues to draw performers and audiences and students. A popular item in Promethean Editions? Education series, the work was performed in July and August by the Auckland Choral Society, with conductor and flautist, Uwe Grodd. Promethean Editions looks forward to adding three new composers to the catalogue when Firestarters 4 is released early 2010. Australian composer Katy Abbott has recently returned to Melbourne from Dubai, where she has been living. Since her return, the composer has had her first symphony, Souls of Fire, broadcast in Australia and Canada. Abbott has also been Composer-in-Residence at the Conservatorium of Music at the University of Tasmania in 2009.

New Zealand-based Gao Ping will contribute a piano work, in addition to a busy year of composing, teaching and performing. In June, he played a recital with cellist Edith Salzmann at Beijing?s Capital Normal University. NZTrio premiered the composer?s new work Su Xie Si Ti (Four Sketches), in early July. A piano quintet, mei, lan, zhu, ju, was also performed in August by pianist John Chen, with the Singaporean T?ang Quartet.

Chris Gendall is a young New Zealand composer currently undertaking the D.M.A. programme at Cornell University, New York. Gendall won the prestigious SOUNZ Contemporary Award in 2008, one of the youngest composers to do so. In 2009, Gendall was one of five composers selected for a commission auction to raise funds for SOUNZ Centre for NZ Music.

Stuart Greenbaum celebrated a recent success by winning the Australian Music Centre/APRA ?Orchestral Work of the Year Award? 2008 for his work 90 Minutes Circling the Earth. In October 2009, he will be Composer-in-Residence for the Port Fairy Spring Music Festival, which will include performances of his works: Falling By Degrees, Evocation, Coventry Cathedral, 800 million heartbeats and Nelson Interludes. Greenbaum is also the recipient of the 2009 Trans-Tasman composer residency, in which he will travel to Auckland, NZ to work with NZTrio in September.

Los Angeles and New York welcomed the music of Matthew Hindson with the Adelaide Symphony?s tour and performance of Kalkadunga, a concerto for didjeridu co-composed with virtuoso William Barton in January this year. As Composer-in-Residence with the Queensland Orchestra, Hindson was featured for a Composer Portrait concert on 31 August last month, including performances of his orchestral works Rave-Elation, Balkan Connection, two movements from A Symphony of Modern Objects and a new version of Didjeribluegrass. On 23 September, Hindson?s major new work Symphony No. 2: E=mc2 is to be premiered by the Birmingham Royal Ballet in Birmingham, UK.

James Ledger continues to enjoy symphonic premieres as Composer-in-Residence with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. In May they presented the world premiere of Arcs and Planes. This month they are to present the world premiere of Chronicles. In 2008, Ledger was awarded the Churchill Fellowship for a research trip to Estonia, examining current compositional practice.

The Westminster Philharmonia in London showcased composer Anthony Ritchie with the performance of Symphony No. 1 ?Boum? in March this year. As Composer-in-Residence with the Manukau Symphony Orchestra, Ritchie?s Piano Concerto No.3 was premiered with soloist Emma Sayers in June. Another notable performance this year was Widow?s Songs for choir, presented at the Asia Composers League in Korea.

This month, four works by Paul Stanhope feature at the internationally renowned Vale of Glamorgan Festival in (Old South) Wales: The Arch Window, Mularra, Yamihndi and the Takemitsu prize-winning work Fantasia on a Theme of Vaughan Williams to be performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.

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